Life lessons from the job

Several months ago a family member stumbled across a fantastic blog post. This blog post summarized the life lessons learned while spending a summer or two during college, moving furniture. The company that this fine young man worked at the time, was ours. Jim Lefevere went on to a very successful career after graduation and is now the Global Head of Marketing Strategy and Support and the Head of Digital Marketing at Roche Diagnostic Corporation. Please follow the link to read his inspiring words.

EverYthing I Learned Moving Furniture

by Jim Lefevere

I moved furniture for a summer back in college because at the time it was paying top dollar for a summer job – $7.00. I learned a lot that summer besides a more colorful vocabulary and in hindsight a lot of it applies to life and work today as it did to moving furniture on those hot summer days.

If I heard it once I heard a half dozen times that summer from honest, hard working guys that cut a living from moving stuff from place to place and it was, “stay in school.”

I did stay in school and I look back nearly 20 years ago and think about some of the lessons learned that summer hauling furniture around Northern Indiana.

1) Respect those in front of you

There is a pecking order and you are at the bottom.

2) Show up, shut up and hold your end up

Simply, be on time, don’t complain and carry your weight.

3) You don’t stop until the job is done

It may be 5 o’clock somewhere but you don’t finish working until the job is done and there isn’t a dinner break.

4) Leadership is everywhere

There were crew leaders and guys I now think in hindsight were very good leaders. They kept it light, kept you laughing, worked you hard when they needed to, showed up well to the lady of the house and were the first one to hand you a beer after a long day.

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